1. macarani122:

    I walked outside to find this little shit taking a nap and eating flowers

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  7. she-supernova:

    reblog if you are a PELOTUDO

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  8. nosurpises ha dicho: Te quiero convidar un uvita

    venite a casa que lo tomamos del cartón


  9. Dale alegría a tu cuerpo tumblernena

    Que tu cuerpo es pa darle alegría y cosa buena

    Dale a tu cuerpo alegría tumblernena

    Ehh tumbler nenaa ahe


  10. when you say it’s dead and gone, yes

    I know you’re wrong

    Some talk too long they know it all
    I just smile and move on

    words ain’t free like you and me
    I don’t mind

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  11. 997:

    water is good please drink water

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